Friday, 20 September 2013

The most amazing kitchen tiles ever!

OK so the most amazing kitchen tiles EVER might be a bit of an over statement but theses tiles are pretty amazing. Throughout my life I have lived at my parents who has a country style kitchen with painted walls and a small tile splash back around the kitchen sink. I've also had various rented accommodation where the kitchens are fitted with the cheapest tiles in neutral colours. More often than not browns and beige tiles are a favourite for being the most appealing to the widest amount of tenants.   
Kitchen without tiles
Now that we own our own home our instant thought was to play it safe and go with some neutral tiles, keeping the kitchen simple especially for any future resale. But then we visited the tile show room and found these bright red tiles! We bought a few sample tiles in the bright red and also in a cream and white and placed them in the kitchen for a few days to see which ones we liked the most. It was a hands down favourite with both of us, we ordered up the tiles and next the job of fitting the outrageously bright red tiles. 
DIY kitchen tiles
As the wall behind the oven filled up we were beginning to wonder if we had made the right choice as it is extremely bright but the more rows of tiling that have been completed the more we fell in love with the colour.
New kitchen tiles

Red kitchen tiles

Red brick patten kitchen tiles
Now to grout the tiling and re fit the extractor hob and part of the kitchen is nearly complete.

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