Saturday, 18 January 2014

Work begins in 2014

For the last few months leading up to Christmas we have worked so hard getting the house ready for the festive period and the visit from my parents, working every single night and all weekends for the last few months has been hard. We have missed festive drinks with friends and avoided Christmas shopping all together to get the house ready.

Once the family arrived tools were officially put down and they have stayed down until today. We enjoyed a nice two week break from Christmas into the new year and going back to full time work was definitely a shock to the system. Now we are nearly three weeks into the new year and officially rested and relaxed it's time to start work and hopefully get the house finally finished.

Today the boys are working in the porch, an area that has been completely ignored up until now, whilst the majority of the work was creating a comfortable living and kitchen area the door to the porch has been shut and forgotten about until today.

With a stack of slates delivered we are working out patterns on how to lay the floor in the porch. Pictures will most definitely follow when the new floor is laid.