Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Thinking about the bedrooms

Now that Christmas is well and truly a distant memory thoughts turn back onto the house and in particular the bedrooms and how we are going to decorate them. Just before Christmas we spent our time removing the bedroom walls and restructuring the upstairs to how we wanted it.

Now it's time to think about getting these rooms plastered and then decorated. I actually feel a little bit sad that these are the last rooms that need decorating as I've enjoyed putting my personal stamp on the rest of the house. The second bedroom, the spare room from a very early stage already had it's colour theme chosen. One of the first things I bought before any of the work began down stairs was some gorgeous duck egg blue wallpaper with matching fluffy duck egg blue cushions and that was the theme for these room.

However our master bedroom has no theme, no plan and quite frankly I have no idea what to do in our room. We have already used feature wallpaper downstairs in the living room and will be using feature wallpaper in the second bedroom so are reluctant to do this same technique in the master bedroom. Then I had the idea of stencils or decals on the wall. Painting a feature wall in one colour then adding a unique decal that is personal to both me and James. I've found these websites and with some great designs and I'm now full of ideas.

I love this decal, it's perfect for us and what we've achieved with buying our first house and completely renovating it. I'm still liking the idea of having a feature wall in our bedroom so maybe a bold colour behind the bed with a statement like this above the bed. 

What do you think?