Saturday, 8 November 2014

Upcycling Ikea Bedside Tables

Building our first ever home has been done on the absolute shoe string of a budget, we have taken out loans and credit cards and worked overtime to fund the project. As we finally finish our master bedroom after two years living in our half home half building site we up-cycling our existing furniture to fit into the new d├ęcor of the master bedroom. I've been with my partner for over six years and since we moved in together we combined all our existing furniture. 

These Ikea bedside tables were from my partners flat and are around 10 years old. They don't suit our bedroom now that we have gone for a clean white approach to the room but painting them and up-cycling them makes them fit in perfectly and will now happily be a part of our new bedroom. 
We already have the paint and sandpaper in the garage so with no additional cost involved this was the best way to improve our bedroom without spending any money,

Ikea Malm bedside table
We first sanded the old bedside tables down to give the surface a key for the paint to adhere to.
painted malm ikea bedside table
With the bedside table sanded down it was time to give the item a coat of paint.
Up-cycled Malm Ikea bedside table
Both bedside tables are then painted, the draw fronts are painted and all that's left to do is let them dry and put them in the bedroom. For no additional cost we have turned our old bedside tables into shiny new clean white ones that fit the master bedroom perfectly. 
Up-cycled Malm Ikea bedside table

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