Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fitting the new ceramic kitchen sink.

One of the first things I made clear to my partner when we bought our first house was that I wanted an old fashioned butler style sink. I didn't care about the layout of the kitchen, or the style of cupboard doors as long as I got the sink of my dreams. 

However I soon realised that buying a traditional butler style sink would be setting me back nearly £1000 and our plans soon had to change. However on a recent trip up to Ikea in Bristol we noticed this ceramic sink in a butler style at a quarter of the cost. It was a no brainer, the sink was ordered and would arrive in a few days. 
Ceramic kitchen sink from Ikea
Unpacking the sink was a little nerve wracking, and once unpacked looked a whole heap bigger than it did in the store. 
Fitting a kitchen sink
James then got to work adjusting the base unit that would house the new sink.
Butler sink pictures
Next on the job list is to sort out the water connection and drainage to the new sink before finally fitting the unit. 
Ikea domsjo sink
Now all we need to do is buy a beautiful wooden draining rack. (not a plank of wood on plinths) and choose our kitchen cupboard doors and that's another section of kitchen completed. Oh... and keep it tidy unlike the picture!

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