Monday, 19 August 2013

Fitting new double glazed windows in our kitchen

One of the big jobs that we need to do throughout the house is replace all the windows. The windows at the front of the house are actually double glazed windows but these are very old and the wooden frames around them definitely need a lick of paint. The windows at the back of the house however are even older and the old metal windows, are brittle, falling apart and made from very thin glass.

With the house sucking away every penny we own we can only afford to replace one window at a time, starting with the worst windows at the back of the house in the kitchen.
Removing old windowsRemoving rotten windows
The old window didn't take much effort to get out and once the glass was out the metal frame pretty much fell out of the wall.
Fitting new windows
The new double glazed window is now in place and being fixed in before the glass goes into place.
Rotten metal window frameDIY Double glazing
It's amazing what a difference a new window has made to the appearance on the back of the house, not to mention the effects it has made on how much warmer the house is with the draughty old window removed.

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