Wednesday, 14 August 2013

clearing down the side of the garage

When we moved into the house we knew that down the side of the garage was a complete mess, but we just kind of ignored it and concentrated on the inside of the house. Now with the summer weather on our side we took to the massive task of clearing down the side of the garage and gaining the space back.

This task was a massive task, and just clearing back the weeds to even get to the side of the garage was a big job that involved lots of stinging nettle wounds.
Clearing out the footpath to the garage
It now appears that the previous owners of this house used the side of the garage as a dumping ground for everything possible. We found 7 car tyres, 2 empty gas bottles and several plastic tubs with signs on some of them saying hazardous waste... the list goes on.
Dumped waste at our house
Then we found several lengths of metal pipe, a metal oil drum and a pond! 
Rubbish found in our new house
After one full weekend of clearing rubbish, weeds and mud we finally have a clear path down by the garage. 

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