Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Kitchen ideas for a small kitchen

When we moved into the house the kitchen wasn't to our taste. The ceiling was to low, the floor and wall tiles were horrible, the cupboards falling apart and stinking of damp and rot. There was also a window at the bottom of the kitchen and although it produced a great amount of light right into the evening the window actually opened out onto our next door neighbors garden and therefore felt a little exposed.
Small kitchen ideas
As you can see from the image above there is also a decorative boxing that runs around the kitchen and this made the small space even smaller. Removing the kitchen units and ceiling was quite a horrific job and I did think to myself that I would have preferred to leave it as it was compared to the state that it is now. However things have to get a lot worse before they get better. With the kitchen painted with damp proof paint and the walls freshly plastered we can move some kitchen units and work top back in. We have decided not to permanently fit any of the kitchen units just yet and to live with the temporary space for a while to make sure we are happy with it before it is finalized.
Removing the kitchen

New Kitchen
After a week with the kitchen like this we had a little re arrange moving the fridge into the bottom corner and moving the oven close to the wall. We also made the units on the left slightly more narrow to make the space seam more usable.
Kitchen island ideas

Lastly we place the island in place, again this is not fixed into position and has not only moved several times, we have also decided to make the work top slightly smaller then it is in the picture. 

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