Friday, 12 July 2013

Stud Wall construction going up in the kitchen

With the horrible black tar like waterproof paint dry in the kitchen it's time to build the stud work walls. This is built slightly off the wall and will then be plasterboarded. Leaving a slight gap between the wall and the plasterboard. This will hopefully allow the walls to breath and let air circulate making our house warmer and dryer. When we removed these walls they were lined with plastic and then wood and the rotten damp smell that was emitted when we started taking it apart was shocking. I don't know how long the walls had sweated behind this plastic but it's very satisfying removing it and building up with fresh new materials.

I'm glad to finally start getting the house into a better shape and cover up the last of the old house and bring life to our new home. 
Stud Walls in the kitchen