Thursday, 4 July 2013

Uncovering real vintage wallpaper

vintage wallpaper
I think the best thing about renovating the house is all the treasures that we have uncovered. In the garden we found buried glass bottles, toy cars and even a bike that had been under a pile of soil for what must have been years, as the rust had eaten quite a lot of it away. Behind the garage we found an entire pond and several car tyres. In the house it's not so bad, we did find some grotty 80's porn in the loft which was quite eye opening and also a stack of newspapers from the 1950's which were really cool. I think we are utilising skip number 5 at the house so removing all the rubbish is costing us a fortune but we are getting through it slowly.

In the bathroom when the tiles were removed and the old rotten plasterboard removed we uncovered this wonderful wallpaper! I'm not sure if this room has always been a bathroom as this would have been a later extension to the house and the house does have an original outside toilet.

Whether this was a bathroom or a bedroom the vintage fish wallpaper is really rather funky, sadly it is not staying in our classy new bathroom!

Could you imagine a whole room wrapped like the inside of a fish tank! I quite like retro, but this retro wallpaper is being removed.