Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Damp proof paint applied in the kitchen

Paint on Bitumen. Damp proofing the kitchen wallls.
With the kitchen completely ripped out it was clear that there was an amount of damp behind the walls. This was from the build up of condensation created by so much wood built onto the walls and the amount of plastic on the floor, moisture really had no where to go.

I spent the day removing nails and screws out of the wall and prepping the area for painting with a damp proof liquid. With the wall clear it was time to paint with the sticky tar like damp proof paint. I've got to say if anyone has to paint this stuff in their house be careful! Not only does damp proof bitumen smell quite a lot like cat wee but it also does not come off your skin at all and stays quite sticky on your hands.

Hopefully with the kitchen looking more like a dungeon it will stay moisture free and we can now build the walls in thermally insulated plasterboard and quickly turn the area back into something pretty and start fitting our kitchen and get rid of the dark stinky dungeon area!