Monday, 8 July 2013

Fitting the bathroom tiles transforms the room.

With the plaster board fitted in the bathroom we can start tiling. We have chosen ceramic tiles for the walls with mosaic tiles to add a little detail to the room. As for the floor we are still really undecided so we are going to get the walls done and then go back to the shops and start bringing home a few floor tile samples and see what we want at a later date. Fingers crossed there is something that we both agree on that goes with what we have already fitted. 

I know this all sounds a little trial and error but this is still our first home and neither of us have renovated before and don't want to rush in and buy something that we don't like. At the same time we want to create some parts of the house that take on our own personality and are funky and not at all like any of the rented houses that we have previously lived in. 
Bathroom Tiles go into place

Mosaic tiles going into place
Again I have never done any tiling let along seen a room get tiled! OK so that's a pretty crazy thing to say but my parents had the same tiles for ever in their home and everywhere else I've lived has been rented accommodation. James assures me that this is another skill that he has and will do the tiling in the bathroom himself. 
Mosaic tiles in the bathroom
Ignore the window that is seemingly lower in it's frame, We are planning to replace this window with a double glazed window and move it up at the same time. A job for another day.
Ceramic tiles with mosaic trim
We are making quite a random bathroom, partly due to money limitations but also because we have never been conventional people and like to try new things. Here we have four kitchen units wrapped in the same bath panel material that's been used to wrap the L shaped bath. With the square sink in place and plumbed in all we need to do now is grout the tiles and fit a mirror above the sink.
Bathroom suite ideas
We moved the old toilet off the left hand wall and plumbed the new toilet into it's final home which now looks much better than where it used to be in the old bathroom. We still have a fair amount of work to do in the bathroom including the rest of the tiling, the grouting, and finding and fitting the floor but it is so much better than what we had and can't wait to get it finished.
New bathroom suite