Thursday, 29 August 2013

Boxing in the RSJ's, No more steel beams on show.

Today feels like quite a momentous occasion where the last of the steel beams are boxed in with plasterboard. When we moved into the house it was liveable but totally not to our liking. Over the last 10 months we have completely gutted the place, removing most of the downstairs internal walls, raising kitchen ceilings and re-lining all the walls in the house with thermally insulated plasterboard. All this work has seen demolition and destruction but finally the last of the steel beams is being hidden away by new plaster board. It's quite nice knowing that moving forwards all the jobs will be decorating and making good and that there will be no more major renovations... well downstairs at least!
Plaster boarding the steel beams

Boxing in RSJ's, Rolled Steel Joists

Ready for plastering
Now all the ceiling needs is some plaster and some paint and that's another job ticked off the massive list!

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