Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Quick and Easy Bathroom Makeovers

Quick and Easy Bathroom Makeovers
We can sometimes be put off at the thought of redesigning our bathroom suite, knowing full well that it is a development that once started, must be finished in an appropriate time scale as it is an essential part of the home.
Once we make the commitment to remodelling our bathroom we must finish it, so making the decision to start it in the first place involves a lot of planning and sometimes money from the get go.
There are of course several bathroom makeovers that are quick, easy and cheap, breathing new life into your bathroom suite without embarking on the sometimes long and stressful journey that bathroom design can evoke.
With a few simple touches here and there, your bathroom can be transformed from a dull suite to a personal escape that can be enjoyed whether youre having a quick shower in the morning or a deep soak at night.

Bathroom Makeovers

Add a Focal Point
Considering your bath, basin and toilet are all matching, the “wow” factor is often spread across those three features, all defined by the same qualities such as there colour and style.
A great way to transform your suite in a quick and easy fashion is to replace one of your bathrooms features with something unique that still remains within the overall style of your suite.
By replacing your uninspired basin and pedestal with a stylish vanity unit or replacing the bath with a freestanding bath can give your bathroom a completely new feel.
Replacing one item rather than an entire bathroom suite is a cheaper alternative to get a new look but choosing the right furniture is key.
If your suite is predominantly white and a versatile design, its easy to find a stylish vanity unit that oozes the same appeal as the other features in your bathroom; try looking at wooden designs with a countertop basin as they sit well with most bathroom styles and stand as a focal point.

Have a Clear Out
If you have a large family, the bathroom can become a dumping ground for empty shampoo bottles, over used toothbrushes and the odd book or magazine.
By clearing out all the clutter in our bathrooms, including spare toilet rolls etc (they can be stored elsewhere) your bathroom can be transformed into a much more peaceful escape.

Add a Shower
Invigorating your body at the start of the day and washing away stress at the end, adding a shower to your installation is a fantastic way to make your bathroom all the more functional.
Available in a wealth of styles to suit your current bathrooms design, transforming your bath into a bath shower is made easy with plenty of top brands offering modern and traditionally styled shower installations.
Just having a bath in your suite can make life difficult, especially if you have a big family all in need of a wash in the morning or at night, adding unwanted stress to your daily routine, so complimenting your suite with a shower is a great investment in the long term.

Transforming your bathroom doesnt mean removing your old bathroom suite and beginning the long journey of choosing a suite and getting it installed; you can easily brighten up your bathroom with a quick and easy solution.

Guest author: Izzy Evans, 20 year old student, blogger and interior design enthusiast from Staffordshire. Izzy now works on her latest project, a brand new blog for Bathroom City