Monday, 18 November 2013

Scaffold board shelf

There are parts of the house that we wanted to change that were just not possible, if we had an endless pot of money then these would be possible but without the large funds needed some things we will have to live with.

One area that we could not change was a massive section of concrete under the radiator on a kitchen wall, this section is part of a structural wall and could be removed but would be quite a major job and so we decided it would be safer and cheaper to leave the concrete in place and make a feature out of it.

As you can see in the below image there is a thick chunk of concrete under the new radiator in the kitchen.

Kitchen demolition and removal
We have now created a box section over this and topped it with a scaffold board shelf. This has made a beautiful feature of a section of the old house that we couldn't change and is the perfect place to display my collection of lanterns. What was once a problematic lump of concrete in the house now looks beautifully restored.
Scaffold board shelf