Saturday, 9 November 2013

Kitchen doors and handles now fitted.

This is really the biggest transformation to our home so far, adding new kitchen doors and handles throughout. We bought the kitchen second hand as we didn't have the budget to buy a whole new fitted kitchen so with James's clever skills he used all the kitchen carcasses to layout the kitchen how we wanted with the view to put all new doors and handles on at a later date. Well that later date has arrived and we have chosen the most beautiful off white/cream kitchen doors and it is now time to fit them.

Choosing kitchen door handles is an incredibly hard job and finding the right style was near impossible for me so I left this up to James and what he picked was just perfect and I love them. I thought the kitchen was already looking good before but now the whole place is transformed yet again.

Another thing that James insisted on having was soft close EVERYTHING he was adamant that we were to spend the extra money to get soft close hinges for the doors and soft close hinges for the draws. I must admit it is nice but I don't think I am quite as excited as he is and miss being able to slam cupboard doors in anger!

New kitchen doors and handles

New kitchen drawers

Fitting new kitchen cupboard doors

The kitchen decorated

New kitchen cupboard door handles

New Kitchen

New Kitchen complete

Before and after kitchen renovation