Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Finally we have some curtains!

After well over a year of living in our house we have finally got to the point where we are adding finishing touches and putting up curtains. It's a very exciting job that is now complete.

For months there has been no point in putting up curtains that will only get lagged in dust and debris from the house build but now the walls are painted we can finally put up the curtain pole that we bought months ago and hang the curtains.
Hanging a curtain pole

Sometimes when your doing a house renovation for so many months it is often very boring visiting screwfix and Jewson's week after week and buying endless supplies of building materials and sometimes you just need some proper retail therapy and buy some soft furnishings. This is exactly what we did about 6 months ago and decided that we loved these curtains and that they would be perfect for the theme and colours that we had chosen. Not wanting them to go out of stock we bought them and had them in storage for months so it really was exciting knowing how long we have owned these for to finally get them hung.
New curtains

Now we can close the curtains at night.... it just might be a while before we remember to open them each morning! Whoops.