Saturday, 20 April 2013

A job for the ladies!

With the first coats of paint drying it's time to get around the house with the paint a second time round. I don't think I realized how much harder it would be painting the second coats of paint, partly because the excitement of seeing paint on the walls has worn off by now and secondly because it's very hard to see how well the second coat of paint is covering when it's the same colour as the first. Anyway with the help of James's mum and myself the room has now had two coats of paint. I can't believe I have got to the age of 27 and never painted a room before, it sounds quite a shock statement but with less and less people getting on the property ladder and more people living in rented accommodation there are less people doing DIY themselves. I know it's only white paint so far but i'm really enjoying the learning curve doing up our first house.
painting the living room

How to paint ceilings

painting the cupboard under the stairs
Seeing paint on the walls is really encouraging us both with the house renovation, I can't wait to get colour on the walls and get pictures hung..... I know i'm dreaming quite away ahead but it's a nice thought. Now back to the jobs to do just in this room..... Sand the beams, paint the beams, build custom furniture for the tv, build dvd stands, make window sill, fit surround sound, fit lights, new floor, fit skirting boards, but for now we need to get on with the rest of the house before we can add finishing touches to the front room.

Didn't stop me buying new curtains though! Just going to be a long wait before fitting them!
home renovation