Saturday, 13 April 2013

Waterproofing and concreting the new floor

The list of jobs on the house just seams to grow and grow but with the manhole removed from the old porch area this can now be concreted in level with the rest of the house. Before laying the fresh concrete the floor and bottom of the walls are painted with damp proof paint as a precaution. 
Leveling out the kitchen floor
We are now shut in for the night with a plank of wood joining the house to the garage over the wet concrete.
Fresh concreted kitchen
After removing the kitchen units we realized that the floor wasn't level inside the kitchen and the floor had actually been laid around the units, so with a temporary sink in place for the night and the floor painted with damp proof paint this is left over night to dry ready for new concrete in the morning. Hopefully now the floor will be one level throughout and we can have a nice floor put down throughout and rid the patch work effect that used to grace the house.
Temporary kitchen sink
It might look like an outhouse right now but this is the kitchen in our open plan house! Hopefully it won't stay like this for to long! Eeek