Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Paint, Paint and more Paint!

Next on the to do list once the stairs have been moved around is to start kitting the area out as a desk area. Before the renovation the area had a steep staircase and a tall cupboard under the stairs, although we are removing a lot of storage space by loosing this cupboard and making the room open plan we are creating a dedicated office space something that we both really want. 
Painting under the stairs
Giving the walls under the stairs a lick of paint really brightens up the area showing us what we have to play with.
Painting fresh plaster
I'm dying to see how the desk under the stairs will look but James won't tell me his exact plans, telling me that it will be a surprise! I'm not sure how happy I am with this idea, i've told him what I would require and what ideally I would like in a dream desk area so lets so what i get. 
Renovating the cupboard under the stairs
First bit to go in is a small cupboard under the stairs, believe it or not this cupboard is designed to take the Henry hoover, and a few other cleaning bits like a dust pan and brush and some polish....... oh for the day to clean our house and maintain it rather than build it!
How to build a cupboard under the stairs