Friday, 26 April 2013

Fitting a new kitchen

We started the renovation at the front of the house building the living room and into the dining room not really touching the kitchen but now we have made so much progress that it's time to start attacking the kitchen and the final stage of the down stairs renovation.

Preparing walls for plaster boarding
The biggest problem with this area is that it's really very cold, and letting in a lot of cold air, to combat this and to save money in the future we are insulating the walls to retain the heat. Here you can see the top of the walls stuffed with insulation roll to fill in the gaps. Then over this we covered the walls with insulated plaster board. 
Stud working interior walls for plaster board
Seeing the last of the block work getting hidden away behind new plaster board really does feel like we are finally putting the house back together rather than tearing apart.
Fitting insulated plaster board