Monday, 29 April 2013

Repairing the bathroom roof.

With a very old, rotten leaking bathroom roof there is only one thing for it, to rip it off and replace it. Waiting for a dry weekend we see a break in the bleak weather to remove the old roof.
Replacing the bathroom roof
Unfortunately the dry weather didn't last and soon the torrential rain started pouring and the water wasn't only flooding the bathroom but also found it's way downstairs and flooded out the kitchen area. Unlucky for us because we don't have a proper kitchen yet in place, we had all our food items stored in cardboard boxes on the floor right under where the water poured in. Cost us a small fortune in soggy soup sachets, solid packs of water soaked flour and sticky gravy granules!
Mopping up the flood water
After cleaning up downstairs it was back onto the roof to complete the job as best as we could to make it water tight over night to continue the roof repair the next day.
Repairing the bathroom roof
Unfortunately when you need to go you need to go! luckily it wasn't raining at this point. 
Alfresco pooping